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Ccde In Depth Book
By: Orhan Ergun
  • Publication name : Cisco CCDE In-Depth Study Guide
  • Published date : Fri, 10-Nov-2023
  • Category name : Cisco

Ccde In Depth Book

This simple and easy-to-read guide will provide many real-life network design case studies. Layer 2 technologies, General Network Design and Design Tools, OSPF, EIGRP, IS-IS, BGP, MPLS, Multicast, QoS, VPN Design, and IPv6 Design topics are covered and the case studies are used to provide more explanation.This book covers both CCDE Written and Practical exams.

For the CCDE Written exam, hundreds of questions will help you learn network design and pass the Written exam.

CCDE topics will be covered in detail. Full-length two CCDE Practical Lab Scenarios are presented in the book. These CCDE scenarios will teach you how to approach the questions in the real exam.


In this book, you will discover

Case Studies

With many advanced real-life case studies, you will understand the network design best practices and the alternative design options. Hundreds of CCDE Written exam preparation questions will help you to pass the CCDE Written exam successfully!

CCDE Blueprint Topics

All important CCDE Written and Practical exam blueprint topics are covered in the book. The deep dive theory of the advanced protocol is explained in detail. Technology comparison charts will provide information about the alternative design options for many technologies

CCDE Practical Lab Scenarios

You need to understand the format of the CCDE Practical exam. You may be good at many technologies but if you don’t know how you should approach the questions, you can’t pass the exam. Sample CCDE scenarios with the detailed solution guide will provide it.

  • Orhan Ergun
    Orhan Ergun

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