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Segment Routing Workbook
By: Orhan Ergun
  • Publication name : Segment Routing Workbook by Orhan Ergun
  • Published date : Sun, 19-Nov-2023
  • Category name : Cisco
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Segment Routing Workbook

This book covers both the Theory and Practical aspects of Segment Routing. 

Segment Routing is a technology that is gaining popularity as a way to simplify MPLS networks. It has the benefit of interfacing with Software Defined Networks and works based on Source Routing. 

Topics of this course are explained in our Segment Routing Course. 

This Workbook will be useful for those who want to understand, deploy,  verify and troubleshoot Segment Routing Networks. This Workbook will be useful for the  CCIE and CCDE certification exams. 

Book Content:

  • Segment routing fundamentals and concepts
    • Segment routing introductions
    • SR and MPLS data plane
    • Segment routing global block
  • Segment routing in IGP
    • SR Control Plane overview
    • SR in OSPF
    • SR in ISIS
    • Configuration lab and troubleshooting tips
    • Segment Routing and LDP
      • SR and LDP coexistence
      • SR Mapping Server
      • SR and LDP internetworking
      • Migration strategies
      • Configuration lab and troubleshooting tips
    • Segment routing and BGP
      • BGP prefix-SID
      • BGP based Datacenters
      • Configuration lab and troubleshooting tips
  •        Single domain SR Traffic Engineering
        • Introduction
        • Anycast and binding SID overview
        • SR Policy (Dynamic and explicit path)
        • Traffic Steering
        • On-demand Next hop (ODN)
        • IGP Flexible algorithm
        • Configuration lab and troubleshooting tips
  • Multi-domain SR Traffic Engineering
          • PCE Protocol overview and architecture
          • BGP Label Unicast
          • BGP link state
          • Egress peer engineering (EPE)
          • Multi-domain scenarios
          • Configuration lab and troubleshooting tips 

  • Orhan Ergun
    Orhan Ergun

    He created OrhanErgun.Net 10 years ago and has been serving the IT industry with his renowned and awarded training.

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