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Service Provider Book
By: Orhan Ergun
  • Publication name : Orhan Ergun
  • Published date : Thu, 09-May-2024
  • Category name : Cisco

Service Provider Book

This book will give you an overview of the Service Provider Network Design and Architecture. 

It talks about the unique aspects of Service Provider networks, different types of Service Providers, and the business relationships between them.

It covers the Service Providers' services, different last mile access offerings and transport networks, and their subscribers and services. Technical explanations of different fixed and mobile network services and the Service Provider's physical locations are also explained. You will see the Big Picture of Service Provider Networks.

After understanding the Service Provider Concepts and Technologies, a fictitious National Service Provider network, named ATELCO will be introduced, to give you a more view of the technologies, protocols, services, and end-to-end traffic flow in great detail. And finally, the Evolving Technologies used in Service Providers and Massively Scale Datacenters will be seen.

  • Orhan Ergun
    Orhan Ergun

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