How to Pass AWS CLF

How to pass the Certified Cloud Practitioner from AWS, exam details and type, and what to expect

AWS CLF Exam Content & Topics

The exam agenda starts with the concept of cloud computing and the differences between it with on-premise networks. then it shows you all the AWS services that will be more than enough to migrate or establish a network on AWS's cloud which will have all the facilities and can be fully or partially managed by AWS for you. and of course, everything comes for a price, AWS will declare the prices of their services, what is for FREE and what is not and will provide many easy tools for costs calculation and best practices with AWS.

Amazon's Touch in the CLF Exam

Amazon provides a free tier 12-month access to whoever creates an account for the 1st time with them the account has free access to many AWS services that will allow for both studying and actual testing/benefiting from their services.

AWS CLF Exam Nature & Type

The current version of this exam CLF-C01 has 65 written questions in the exam. all the questions are single/multi-answer MCQs and no other type of questions have appeared so far. only 50 out Aof the 65 questions are considered in your exam score calculation, the other 15 are for AWS "surveys" let's say. the questions are clear and straightforward, with no design or architecting questions here, just services, IAM, and Billing Management Qs. exam time is 90 minutes over PearsonVUE or PSI exam engines, and the passing score is 700/1000. Enjoy and get Certified.
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