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Cisco CCNP ENCOR 350 - 401 Training

41:36:12 Hours
137 Lectures


Cisco CCNP ENARSI 300-410 Training

32:44:13 Hours
105 Lectures


Cisco CCNP Enterprise Bundle Training (Encor + Enarsi)

74:22:34 Hours
243 Lectures


How to Pass CCNP ENARSI - Exam Review


It is the very version released for this exam, kind of replacing the Routing+TShoot exam of the old CCNP RS, and it has the code of 300-410

CCNP ENARSI Exam Content & Topics

the exam generally has 4 modules to study and focus on, teaching you configuring and troubleshooting many protocols, on the aspect of "routing, virtualization & security, IP services, and assurance" Skills learned with ENARSI Deep Dive Troubleshooting Mainly for:

  • OSPF
  • BGP
  • mGRE and IPSec (DMVPN)

Focus on for the CCNP ENARSI Exam

The carrier of this badge is expected to have a skills level for routing, security, and virtualization that is definitely higher than the level covered by the CCNP ENCOR exam, and near reaching the level of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, so be careful by really LABBING every topic in the exam with all the possibilities and scenarios.

CCNP ENARSI Exam Nature & Type

The first and the current version of the exam has the code of 300-410. even though that agenda barely have the word "describe" within its modules, and that most of the topics are to be configured and troubleshooted, but just like ALL the new NON-LAB exams from Cisco in 2020 and beyond, no practical questions in the exam. no LABs to configure and verify, no simulations to review and troubleshoot. it is a written exam, the exam questions can be:

  • MCQ's (single/multi answer multi choice questions)
  • DnD's (Drag and Drops)

Around 65 questions should be answered in a time of 90 minutes + 30 minutes for non-native English speakers. upon finishing the exam you will get a report with:

  • result: either pass or fail
  • exam statistics: how good you were per domain

Enjoy and get Certified.

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