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Cisco CCNP ENCOR 350 - 401 Training

41:36:12 Hours
137 Lectures


Cisco CCNP ENARSI 300-410 Training

32:44:13 Hours
105 Lectures


Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Course

18:17:11 Hours
68 Lectures


How to Pass DEVASC

Cisco DEVASC Exam

How to Pass DEVASC? the new exam from Cisco, first version released in 2019, having an exam code of 200-901

DEVASC Exam Content & Topics

the exam generally has 6 modules to study and focus on, teaching you data encoding languages for the first time, introducing the Cisco Sandbox for practices, and start automation Cisco's platforms over the Sandbox. Skills learned with DEVASC many encoding, programming, and automation skills, including:

Cisco's Touch in DEVASC Exam

the presence here for Cisco is not to just TEACH you DEVNET/DEVOPS but to allow you to implement and practice most of the tools/techniques on their platform using the FREE new sandbox service.

DEVASC Exam Nature & Type

the first and the current version of the exam has the code of 200-901 it is kind of a written exam, why kind of?, because the exam questions can be:
  • MCQ's (single/multi answer multi choice questions)
  • DnD's (Drag and Drops)
  • Fill in the Blanks
    • that is the tricky one, as you will have to fill in the blank the missing parts of a Code
    • it should work normally after that, but the catch is that you can't verify or validate the code
A total of 101-103 questions should be answered in a time of 120 minutes + 30 minutes for non-native English speakers. upon finishing the exam you will get a report with:
  • result: either pass or fail
  • exam statistics: how good you were per domain
Enjoy and get Certified.  
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