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Network Engineer Salary

Network Engineer Salary, Average Network Engineer Salary, and Senior Network Engineer Salary

Many people have been searching these words on OrhanErgun.Net for some time. Many people also have been asking me, how much they can earn monthly if they start their Network Engineering career or if they change the country, as an experienced Senior Network Engineer how much they can get. Check these courses on  CCNP Course and   CCIE course content for becoming a better Network Engineer and definitely getting a higher salary as well.  I think the answer depends on many criterias. Since this post will be read by people all around the world, it is important to share some insights on the topic.

Before talking about dependencies, you should know some facts about the CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE certification. These are some of the most popular certifications which help you to get or change jobs. Of course, as of 2022, Cloud Computing and Network Automation jobs are getting very popular and there are some certifications for those technologies as well. But I will use Cisco examples in this post. Unlike CCDE, Cisco CCNP and Cisco CCIE Certification is known by the recruiters very well as it has been posted as a job requirement for decades.

There are thousands of them in the world, especially CCNP Enterprise and Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching, the new name Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure  , for example, only CCIE Enterprise certification is around 50000+ people we are talking about. At the beginning of his post, I said that CCIE salary depends on many criteria.

These are in general affect the Network Engineer Salary:

  • Country
  • Level of Network Engineer
  • Position
  • Changing the company
  • Years of experience
Most probably there are other things that would affect the Network Engineer Salary but these are my observations. The country is important because even if you are CCIE and as a technical person (not as a manager or C level) if you work in Turkey, you can’t get more than 2500 USD on average. If you are CCNA level, we can't talk more than 1k USD/month. I

f you work in GCC (Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, etc.) you can get around 8-15k USD per month with CCIE and it is very hard to job with CCNA. Maybe as a CCNP if you can get a job, would be between 5k- 8k USD/month. If you are living in Africa, even if you get CCIE, you won’t get more than 5000 USD as a technical person. (There are so many countries in Africa, but on average, almost all African country salaries are roughly the same). CCNA would be around 500 USD - 5k USD depending on the Country and years of experience etc.

The position is important because as I said above, as a technical person, you can get probably 2500 USD in Turkey but as a manager in an IT company let’s say, it can be around 6000usd. This would be 20000- 25000 USD in GCC countries. I won’t list each and every country's Network Engineer Salary here, but at the engineering level, CCIE salary would be around 6000 to 12000 USD in Canada, the U.S, Australia, Singapore as well.

CCNP would be 30% of it and CCNA would be around 40- 50% of this range. These are the countries I am aware of. We have students all around the world and when we do an interview with them, these are real numbers. Also, in general, Network Engineers working in design and architecture position gets more salary than people working in Operation. So, you can expect a little bit higher salary with Cisco CCDE Salary than Cisco CCIE certified person.

Changing the company: If you are working in a company for years, having CCIE won’t increase your salary suddenly if you stay in the same company. In fact, many of my friends, students, after passing the Cisco CCIE exam, changed their job. Last but not least, years of experience is important. You can have 10 years of experience but probably stayed in the same company for 10 years and your domain knowledge is limited but you passed the CCIE exam somehow.

On the other side, there is a person with 10 years of experience but worked as a consultant and designed 10s of networks from the different domains (Enterprise, Service Providers, Telcos and so on), the second person would be preferred by the hiring managers even both of these people have CCIE. And the second one would be offered a higher salary.

Orhan Ergun’s CCNP Enterprise and  CCIE Training Course Summary: Depending on the country, position, years of experience, and whether you change the company after you pass some of the higher-level IT certifications, such as CCNP, Cloud certifications, or CCIE, the Network Engineer salary can change between 2000 USD to 20 000 USD.

We can help you to pass these exams, Cloud Computing, Network Automation, CCNP, CCIE, and even CCDE Level exams, as We’ve helped thousands of our students, just in a couple of years. You can take Video-On-Demand CCNP or  CCIE Course immediately to start your professional or expert level journey. Please don’t hesitate to share your comments in the comment box below and if you have a question regarding CCNP Training or CCIE Certification, you can reach us via [email protected]

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