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Real Life Financial Network Design – Multicast – BGP – EIGRP – Latency Design Considerations

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I was in London last week for CCDE Training. During the training, there was a discussion on Financial network design and one of the students explained how they designed their financial world-wide network.

We recorded the discussion and I think you will get great benefit if you want to understand how financial networks are designed, what are the design consideration.

Also, if you are looking to understand Multicast, EIGRP , BGP Route Reflector and Confederation design on real world-wide network, what can be done to reduce convergence time on very densely meshed networks, delay/latency optimization, please watch the below video from the start till the end.

Maybe you haven’t knew that I have youtube channel, this video is posted on my youtube channel, subscribe to follow up the new videos, and like this one if you want to see more real life network design videos.

In the video, you will see discussions on :

1. Design consideration in financial networks

2. How EIGRP routing protocol worked for financial world wide network

3. How EIGRP Stub feature numerically reduced convergence from 11 seconds to 2 seconds in a densely meshed world wide connectivity

4. How they use BGP Confederation on the network

5.. How BGP MED attribute design works in BGP Confederation on this network

6. Can they use AIGP for best path selection in BGP Confederation

7. How latency can be reduced in financial networks

8. How they migrated their network from EIGRP to BGP Confederation

9. Why they selected BGP Confederation

10. How BGP Route Reflector works in financial networks11. How Multicast design works in financial networks

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