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Real Life IXP – Internet Exchange Point Design and Deployment.- Grenada IX – GREX

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Internet Exchange Point Design and Deployment in Real Life, this is one of the most confidential topics in networking.

Although there are 500 IXP on Internet, people definitely needs guidance, or at least want to know what others are doing. I wanted to help people who are looking for real life design and deployment practices, thus recorded a video with one of the Internet Exchange Points, Grenada IX – GREX and sharing the video in this post.


In the below video I am discussing real life IXP – Internet Exchange Point design and deployment with the peering coordinator of Grenada IX- GREX, Brent Mc Intosh.


We discussed below topics;

1. What is Peering, what is the job of Peering Coordinator

2. Private, Public Peering, Bilateral , Multilateral Peering

3. Business Model of Grenada Internet Exchange Point – What is Commercial IXP, What is Non-Profit IXP?

4. Different Peering Policies

5. Participants , 4 ISP , Couple Largest CDNS, some Enterprise etc. in Grenada IX

6.. Who pays for the transit connectivity of CDN when they join to IXP 6. Infrastructure connectivities , both Layer 2 and Layer 3 Fabric

7. How Cache-fill is provided in Grenada IX – GREX

8. How Akamai joined to GREX

9. Which CDN – Content Provider is the hardest one to bring into IXP?

10. Some best practices for IXP design and deployment



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