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Network Design Fundamentals Course

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Some recommendations for the network engineers!

In this post, I will share many network engineering blogs which will be very beneficial for network engineering and for those who want to learn more about network design. Almost every day I receive a message through social media or via email from the connections. What should we study? I am new to networking what path I should follow etc. I think many of the people which are listed below receive the same messages.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to respond to each and every message, in the least timely manner. What recently happened let me tell you the story. Couple of months back through Linkedin, someone sent me a message and asked, I want to learn the design, I just finished my CCNA R&S. What should I do. I replied to him and said, start reading each and every blog post (Except the training advertisement ones) on my website.

In the end, I think I have more than 400 blog posts on the website and most of them are design related. After a while, the same person sent me another message and requested to join my class. I said, did you go through the posts on the website, He said no. I told him, do you really think you can join my class just after CCNA? It was impossible but He didn't realize it.

Thus I recommended him again, to read all the blog posts and a couple of basic books (I remember I recommended him, CCDP Arch v3 at that time but now the new version came out I am the technical editor, You can find it here).

He recently sent me another message and asked for more resources. And I thought it is a good idea to share the free resources which can be found on the Internet. I recommend all of my readers to have a look at below networking blogs at least once every week or better to subscribe if they have a mailing list.

If you haven't followed the below website, I recommend every one of you start following and reading as many posts as you can from these websites. By the way, start writing a blog post on your own website is a good learning method too. Just click on the person name who runs the blog and if there is a mailing list subscribe. If not bookmark them, follow via RSS, and so on.

Network Engineering Blogs:

These are the ones that have a lot of free content and very good resources. Also, Malcolm Booden and Michael Zsiga started blogs and podcasts and when they increase the number of resources I will update this post. Hope to see more from them too. If you follow other blogs, or podcast which you think is useful, share your comment.

Just an hour ago, I published a post on MPLS Traffic Engineering. I wanted to use one of my topologies, thus typed on Google ‘ Orhan Ergun MPLS Traffic Engineering ‘ and realized that at least two websites, copied and pasted my entire MPLS Traffic Engineering series on their websites. Please, at least, next time, ask permission.

I like to share my thoughts, most of the time freely but your action badly affect my websites rankings so people can't find these materials when they search on search engines. I complaint about this because, I know, this is not happening only to me but to some of the websites which I listed above as well. Ask a permission, it is good for everyone (Game Theory !)

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