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Cisco CCDE v3 Training

71:39:25 Hours
226 Lectures


Service Provider Training

06:06:20 Hours
30 Lectures


Cisco CCIE Service Provider Training

96:02:27 Hours
242 Lectures


Telecom Operator Network Design Training

I missed writing , missed writing a post lot on the website specifically !. Because I know you are reading right now and wonder where I have been.

I just checked and seen that my last post was on October 26. More than 2 months , I didn’t share anything on the website. I wanted to come here and share something , technical or social , but believe me guys November and December 2017 was so busy from my side.

One of the activity which took my time during this period was Telecom Operator design training which I did in Kenya/Nairobi on November. Safaricom Kenya – Incumbent Telecom Operator/Internet Service Provider.

It was 5 days training and IP/MPLS Backbone planners , Transport network engineers, mobile access and core engineers , fix and mobile wireless service engineers (They have very good fiber penetration in the country) many people attended this training.

Most of the topics were from my CCDE training blueprint but after couple discussions with their lead engineers, we removed CCDE Practical scenarios and couple other topics , as they won’t attend CCDE exam , but added other technologies which they are considering to implement and some of those technologies is already in trial.

For the confidentiality, I cannot tell you what was those newly added topics to my training curriculum, but I just wanted to say that, I adjusted the training agenda based on their needs.

Overall, we spent more than 40 hours and more than 20 hours of the training was just related with their end to end network design. They have many different services , FTTx, 2G, 3G, LTE , Metro Ethernet , VPN Services , Satellite and so on. They are the biggest in Kenya in terms of number of customers.

I already planned couple other Telecom Design training in 2018 and will update about those trainings and the feedback of the attendees.

Now, it is time to share some feedback from Safaricom Kenya attendees. Note : If you would like to bring me for an Onsite training to your company, to talk about your company’s design please contact with [email protected] , they arrange technical discussions with me for the customized training.

Andrew Masila – Architecture and Service at Safaricom Limited

Your class was very useful and served as a valuable addition to my experience in telecommunications, architectures, quality of experience and content delivery networks.

I will definitely use the knowledge acquired to make more sound business decisions and investment as well optimize operations in my organizational unit with a fit for purpose network.

Most important is the approach in understanding exactly why a certain option has been chosen.

Jackson Mutie – Packet Core Engineer at Safaricom 

It was nice to be your student and enjoyed the MPLS TE  technology and network design principles sections.

The network is about to evolve in design so I hope to be able to reach out to you and discuss various design and architecture options.

Kind Regards,


Stephen Njoroge Njuguna – Subject Matter Expert – Transport Network at Safaricom

Your training was quite relevant and practical, since we were able to relate the theory covered to actual scenarios on our network and identify areas of improvement. Thanks also for your encouragement to start the CCDE journey and making it look achievable.

Silas Kimathi Borona – Senior Network Planning Engineer

I attended Orhan Ergun CCDE course and I must say it was remarkable . It was well  illustrated ,kin on current and advanced technologies .He surpassed my expectation i.e. Quality , Depth of Knowledge, Well-structured online Resources and Quizzes . Intriguing eye-Opener!

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