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Cisco CCNP ENCOR 350 - 401 Training

41:36:12 Hours
137 Lectures


Cisco CCNP ENARSI 300-410 Training

32:44:13 Hours
105 Lectures


Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Course

18:17:11 Hours
68 Lectures


What is DEVASC

What is DEVASC, a new question actually, DEVNET Associate from Cisco Systems is their first DEVOPS derived DEVNET certificate that was announced on June 9th - 2019. it is the first version of the DEVASC exam that grants the Cisco Certified DEVNET Associate certificate, and has the exam number of 200-901


DEVASC was not the only exam announced from Cisco regarding DEVNET, an entire new domain of knowledge and hierarchy was there as well. DEVASCwould be your first step in that hierarchy, then you will see DEVNETProfessional which contains so many exams inside it. one of them is mandatory, and a selective one of the others is required to become a CCDevP, that will be for another blog. and the highest peak is the recently officially announced CCDevE, an 8-Hours LAB exam to validate how expert you are with Cisco DEVNET.

Is DEVASC Important?

not just because it is a fresh branch, or not something that is generally provided by other vendors, but because the agenda of the DEVASC are very useful. they do as always with Cisco, start from scratch telling you what is DEVOPS, DEVNET, DEVASC and start learning all the basics of:

  • Data Encoding
  • API's and SDK's
  • Automating Cisco Platforms

and of course the famous and most desired nowadays "Python" all from scratch, up to a level where you can use them well in a real environment and be eager to take the nextDEVNETstep to develop your automation skills even more.

DEVASC and other Associate exams

Nowadays, there are only 3 Associate exams and certificates from Cisco:

The DEVASC and CCNA are related and one needs the other. Each of them had a specific module where it mentions and maybe practices the technologies of the other. That will be the "Automation & Programmability" module in the CCNA, and the "Network Fundamentals" module in DEVASC. But the CyberOps Associate is away from here, not a familiar topics with DEVNET.

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