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What is MTL in CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training?

MTL – Multi Technology Lab consist of many technologies in a large topology. When network design is considered, there is no single protocol, many protocols interact with each other. In my CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training, I have many MTL (Multi Technology Lab), and students are able to watch the videos, and with the config files, they are able to perform each task in the Lab themselves.


From OSPF, EIGRP to BGP, QoS to Multicast, Layer 2 Technologies to Security, SD-WAN and many other technologies are all in the same lab. Traditionaly these kind of Labs were called as Mock Labs but better term is Multi Technology Lab. If you see on the social media next time one of this labs with OE logo, you know that it is MTL! Let me see your comment 🙂


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Multi Technology Lab

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