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Which CCIE is most demanded in 2022?

Which CCIE is most demanded in 2022?. Most of us, almost every Network Engineer in our IT career probably asked this question. It is important because demanded certification provides job security and having it means finding a job or changing the company easily. Cisco CCIE has many different tracks as of 2022. After CCIE certification, the next step is CCDE.

Before we continue most demanded CCIE, I would like to say that CCDE is not well known by the recruiters, so may be hard to find a job easily with it, but it is quite popular and respectful among the CCIEs. So, if someone passes CCIE Enterprise or CCIE Service Provider, they are definitely aware of CCDE and start considering that certificate.

Let's continue our most demanded CCIE track discussion. For many years most demanded CCIE was always CCIE Routing and Switching. As you might be aware, Cisco changed the CCIE Routing and Switching certification name to CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, and the CCIE Enterprise syllabus has been updated as well.

We provide many CCIE tracks and among our students, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure training is the most popular CCIE, most demanded CCIE track as well. We recommend CCIE Enterprise training before starting the CCDE journey. Because many technologies, topics that are covered in the CCDE exam are already covered in the CCIE Enterprise exam as well.

These are SD-WAN, SDA, Automation, and traditional technologies such as OSPF, IS-IS, EIGRP, BGP, MPLS, and so on. Of course, CCIE Service Provider is very important before starting CCDE certification but, CCIE Enterprise would be very helpful for other CCIE tracks too. For example, CCIE Datacenter has many overlaps with the CCIE Enterprise track. I would like to stress that, Cisco introduced the Design section with the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam.

The design was not considered in the old CCIE Routing and Switching exam and it was a big loss for CCIE in my opinion. Because, Network Engineers, most of the time they were learning ' How to Configure ' things, but they were not aware Why they are doing whatever they do.

Without understanding Why, talking about What and How would be pointless. Thus, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam preparation, Network Engineers learn not only What and How, but also Why.

When there are alternative solutions (Yes, always there are), understanding the Pros and Cons of each, for different environments, with different business requirements and constraints, CCIE Enterprise Exam and CCIE Enteprirse Training would help Engineers to be much better ones.

At least, with our training, we aim this and have been trying to explain the importance of design, even in Operational exams such as CCIE Enterprise. I Hope, this post was helpful to understand which CCIE track is the most popular and why it is most popular.

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