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Will March 19, 2020 CCDE Practical exam be cancelled due to Coronavirus?

Will March 19, 2020 CCDE Practical exam be cancelled?


These days many students are asking in my CCDE Study groups about CCDE Practical exam and whether it will be cancelled due to Coronavirus?. You are not maybe my student (Yet:)) but I think you should be informed as well, thus I decided to share this post publicly.

I talked to Cisco CCDE Program Manager and He told me that they don’t have a plan to cancel it for the March 19, 2020 CCDE Practical Exam at the moment, but they are closely following the situation. Given the nature of the virus outbreak, things could of course change rather quickly!

So, as of now, March 7, 2020, exam will happen on March 19. And, unless an official announcement is made, things go on as planned.

I will let you know if I hear from any different official news from Cisco. Stay tuned and you can follow this post.

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