Few years ago, this website was started by Orhan who had a vision to teach Network Design and prepare engineers for Cisco’s gruelling CCDE – Network Design exam. The idea was to bring this online when the only other option was Onsite, which would add additional expense as most training was based in the USA.

Orhan was warned that his content can get distributed but he kept on adding to it thus creating the world’s first and the only Self Paced, Video on Demand CCDE course. As predicted, his course was being distributed illegally but Orhan added more content to help more people. 

Over time, Orhan added other design-based training like BGP, MPLS, Service Provider Design and the catalogue is expanding with Cloud, Firewalls, Cyber Security, Automation and so on. The training is both certification based as well as technology focussed, so you will be training on not only the how but also the why. Orhan has you covered from beginner to expert.

Orhan started this with a vision to help and now has a big team of experts who will deliver many more IT courses which offers highest quality and over time hopefully everyone will be training with courses from Orhan Ergun Training Company.