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CCNP ENCOR vs ENARSI is it even related?, or should I ask "comparable?" Yes it is both actually, and in this blog, we will review both of the exams, talk about the agenda, which one should be taken before the other, and results of both of them. Relation between CCNP ENCOR vs ENARSI both the exam belongs to the certificate of Cisco CCNP Enterprise,  and taking each individually will grant you A Certificate! Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Core Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Advanced Routing and Service so it is a win-win scenario, but still, the question is which one should I take first, and that will be followed below Difference between CCNP ENCOR vs ENARSI Agenda ENCOR first, generally a Technology Core exam, focusing on 7 domains of knowledge: Architecture Virtualization (Device, Path, and Network Virtualization) Infrastructure (Switching, Routing, and IP Service) Assurance Security WLAN Automation and NO DEEP DIVE in any of these!!! while for ENARSI: Virtualization (Path Virtualization) Infrastructure (Routing and IP Services) Security and that's it! No Architecture In Virtualization, no Device nor Network Virtualization, and the path of Virtualization is different than ENCOR. As in the ENCOR you get GRE over IPSec, while in the ENARSI there is mGRE with IPSec Infrastructure routing in the ENCOR has (describe EIGRP, configure normal area OSPF, configure direct eBGP) For ENRASI routing, it is kind of unlimited, almost a CCIE level with all of EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP) IP Service and Security are similar NO WLAN nor Automation at all in the ENARSI Take the ENCOR before ENARSI, better! Yes as for the points covered in the ENARSI, all of the topics/protocols are also mentioned in the ENCOR, with of course much more shallow inspecting in the ENCOR, so the ENCOR will be a good introduction to the technologies that you will go deep dive within the ENARSI CCNP ENCOR vs ENARSI study plan The ENCOR will take more, than 7 modules, and 7 domains of knowledge, even though there is no deep dive, the agenda is large enough to take around 30% more of the time required to prepare for the 4 modules of the ENARSI CCNP ENCOR vs ENARSI exams from Cisco With the ENCOR: you will have 100+ written questions, to answer in the time of 120 Minutes + 30 Minutes for non-native speakers With the ENARSI: 60+ written questions, to answer in the time of 90 Minutes + 30 Minutes for non-native speakers *Both the exams can be taken on-site or from home/office *Both the exams do not support backward navigation *Each exam alone grants a different badge/certificate  

Published - Mon, 09 May 2022

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How to Pass CCNP ENARSI - Exam Review

Cisco CCNP ENARSI Exam It is the very version released for this exam, kind of replacing the Routing+TShoot exam of the old CCNP RS, and it has the code of 300-410 CCNP ENARSI Exam Content & Topics the exam generally has 4 modules to study and focus on, teaching you configuring and troubleshooting many protocols, on the aspect of "routing, virtualization & security, IP services, and assurance" Skills learned with ENARSI Deep Dive Troubleshooting Mainly for: EIGRP OSPF BGP mGRE and IPSec (DMVPN) Focus on for the CCNP ENARSI Exam The carrier of this badge is expected to have a skills level for routing, security, and virtualization that is definitely higher than the level covered by the CCNP ENCOR exam, and near reaching the level of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, so be careful by really LABBING every topic in the exam with all the possibilities and scenarios. CCNP ENARSI Exam Nature & Type The first and the current version of the exam has the code of 300-410. even though that agenda barely have the word "describe" within its modules, and that most of the topics are to be configured and troubleshooted, but just like ALL the new NON-LAB exams from Cisco in 2020 and beyond, no practical questions in the exam. no LABs to configure and verify, no simulations to review and troubleshoot. it is a written exam, the exam questions can be: MCQ's (single/multi answer multi choice questions) DnD's (Drag and Drops) Around 65 questions should be answered in a time of 90 minutes + 30 minutes for non-native English speakers. upon finishing the exam you will get a report with: result: either pass or fail exam statistics: how good you were per domain NO SCORE WILL BE SHOWN Enjoy and get Certified.

Published - Sun, 03 Apr 2022

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Cisco 350-401 ENCOR

The Enterprise Core Technology Core and also considered as a Specialist badge as well from Cisco, is the new ENCOR exam that not just considered to participate in 2 badges, but also is a requirement for the new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1 from Cisco Systems. 350 401 ENCOR this exam is actually jumping in the middle of the CCNP Certificate and labeling it as CCNP Enterprise throwing the old label of CCNP Routing & Switching with all its old 3 exams (Routing, Switching, and Troubleshooting). ALSO, interestingly it is replacing the old CCIE Routing & Switching Written Exam, with a new method of becoming CCIE and that is the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, that only requires this ENCOR as a prerequisite. so it is nice to pass the ENCOR exam and be involved on both CCNP Enterprise and CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure. How Professional is CCNP ENCOR? The first impression that you might take when you hear about an exam that replaces the old famous CCNP Routing & Switching, also replacing that difficult, expert-rate, 100+ written exam of the CCIE Routing & Switching. then you get either frightened of that exam's level, or brace you yourself for something so advanced and challenging coming, well, the truth is, it is not really, not saying that is not professional or disappointing, but lets elaborate this: The ENCOR exam is of the general Core and mandatory exam for the CCNP Enterprise certificate, so it is not carrying a label of "Routing & Switching" to be so deep dived in these topics, it quite the opposite. What does the CCNP ENCOR agenda cover? This exam is quite general, technology wise, the Cisco 350-401 ENCOR exam focuses on 7 different domains of knowledge, and introduces you to these 7 domains kind of as a beginner starting to know them, it does expect you to know the fundamentals of "what is a network" only, and it will carry beyond that level to show you many different areas of expertise that you can get to know, and perhaps later deep dive in. but why 7 different domains, isn't that a lot! maybe distracting?, no not really, all of these 7 domains do actually form a realistic Enterprise Environment, and a certified Professional Enterprise Engineer, should have some knowledge with each of these, which are? Network Architecture Virtualization Types Infrastructure Technologies Assurance and Monitoring Network Security Wireless Local Area Networks Networks Automation so you will get a good snack from everything in this open buffet, and then later go and concentrate on one of these techs to be more professional with: ENARSI: Advanced Routing ENSDWI: SD-WAN from scratch to high-level ENSLD: Principles of Designing ENAUTO: Automate Networks ENWLSD: Design the WLAN ENELSI: Implement the WLAN Does the ENCOR go deep dive? The ENCOR exam varies in how deep it goes from topic to other, and from protocol to other as well, for the design, wireless, and security, it doesn't do much really, tells you principles, shows you few protocols, design-wise, and ask you to implement couple of them. with Routing, Services, Assurance, and Automation it asks to LAB a lot, and varies protocol-wise, only theory for EIGRP!, only normal area LABs for OSPF, only direct peering for eBGP! strange right!?, but still asks to LAB a lot. CCNP ENCOR Exam: the ENCOR exam is of 101-103 questions, they contain MCQ's (multi-choice questions), DnD's (drags and drops), and sometimes a fill in the blanks. you will have to finish them in 129 minutes, plus 30 minutes for you if you were not a Native English language speaker. Backward navigation is not supported, so it is a straight-forward procedure towards the 100th+ question. upon finishing the exam you will get an immediate score result of either pass or fail, and score value is no longer shared with you.

Published - Wed, 30 Mar 2022

Created by - Orhan Ergun

How to Become CCNP in 2022?

CCNP On June 9th - 2019, Cisco made an announcement of deleting and replacing ALL their CCNP Level "Exams". saying exams instead of certificates, as the labels of most the Certificates remained the same (except for CCNP RS, who got replaced with CCNP Enterprise) New Criteria for becoming CCNP: The new Exams as they are linked to the Cisco Certificate Network Professional certificate came with new criteria of becoming "Certified". now you will need to pass ONLY 2 exams and you will get granted the CCNP certificate, rather than needing a minimum of 3-4 exams in the previous system. The new system requires 2 isolated parts to fulfill before you become certified: 1- A Technology Core Exam, which plays a role in engaging you in 2 paths of certs. (The CCNP & The CCIE). - and that will be: - Enterprise, Security, Service Provider, Collaboration, Data Center, and the newly established DEVNET & CyberOps 2- A Technology Concentration Exam, every domain of the 7 mentioned in Point "1", has 1-7 different technologies to concentrate on. This will be kind of having a Master's degree in engineering, you consider some general topics, and focus on some others. maybe research as well on that specific topic, in the end, you will be A "Master" in a general title, with a little specification mentioned in your master certificate referring to that research/project you did. And CCNA is no longer a prerequisite for any CCNP, as a matter of fact, no exam now requires prerequisites, just jump in to whatever exam you want to take, and you'll get a badge for it. Notice: Also, one of the points not to forget about, the old CCDP has been completely removed, leaving you to start learning network designing with either the CCDE directly, OR, the newly established ENSLD exam, that participates in the domain of Enterprise. which also you can use it plus the Enterprise Core exam (CCNP ENCOR) to get the CCNP Enterprise Badge! CCIE from CCNP: Now one of the lines specified above mentions "plays a role in engaging you in 2 paths of certs. (The CCNP & The CCIE)" how and why exactly?. it is not a CCIE Enterprise blog, yet these "Core" exams now do replace the old "CCIE Written" exams as well, so one exam will make you in front of: A- taking a concentration and becoming a Cisco Certified Network Professional B- taking a LAB exam and becoming a CCIE C- make use of that Core exam for both A & B To Consider: Cisco's official page for the CCNP level Certificates, alongside with the involved exams, agenda, and announcements. Also, you can visit Orhan Ergun IT Courses for courses to check the available CCNP courses there, based on the criteria and methodology we follow: Self-Paced videos based 100% on the official exam agenda/blueprints Workbooks for you alone to practice and verify the practical skills LAB files for these workbooks practice LABs A special study group with all the other students to keep up with them + the instructors Enjoy, and get Certified.

Published - Sun, 13 Feb 2022