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Created by - Orhan Ergun

IPv6 Business Drivers and PI/PA Address Space

IPv6 Business drivers can be many and different businesses have different reasons to deploy IPv6 on their network. IPv6 is more commonly deployed in the Service Providers than Enterprises or Small Medium Businesses. Do you know why ?   Main reason is IPv4 address space exhaustion. There is no available public IPv4 addresses in the RIR (Regional Internet Registries). Thus, when Service Providers want to allocate an IPv4 address to their customers, one of their options is to deploy IPv6.   There are many other reasons to deploy IPv6 in both Service Providers and the Enterprises and I explained many IPv6 business drivers in the below video, along with Provider Independent and the Provider Address Blocks.   Also, understanding Provider Independent (PI) and Provider Assigned (PA) address blocks is important because there are some design tradeoffs.  

Published - Tue, 26 Nov 2019