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Instructor-Led CCDE Training

Best Cisco CCDE Course ever!

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  • Last updated Sat, 09-Mar-2024
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Course overview

Bootcamp Type
Number of Days
Timing (Based on Istanbul)
Dec 11-22, 2023
2 weeks in a row

6 pm to 10 pm UTC +3

(Istanbul time) 

Feb 12-23, 20242 weeks in a rowFinished6 pm to 10 pm UTC +3 (Istanul time)
May 13-24 20242 weeks in a rowOnline/Webex/Open for Registrations 6 pm - 10 pm UTC+3 (Istanbul time)

Hundreds of Network Engineers have passed the Cisco CCDE Practical/ Lab exam with this training. 

This is a live, Webex-Based two weeks, interactive Cisco CCDE v3 Training. Orhan Ergun will be teaching this training. 

You can click here for the Video-On-Demand and cost-effective version of this course. (It comes for free with this training)

You might have many CCIE certifications but realize that none gives you the credibility you want. 

You want to be the most respectful person in your organization and among all your peers. You are very good at many technologies but realized that being an expert at network design is different and so important.

The problem is you don’t know where to start. Everybody out there tries to teach you how to configure the protocols or devices, but definitely no solid information about real-life network design. 

That’s why I created this course. In this course :

  • I will teach you network design principles and all the best practices which will make you the most respectful person in your organization
  • I will show you what real-life networks look like and big companies design their network; you will have an idea of the big picture.
  • I will teach you the techniques which will improve your strategic design thinking. If you want to be the best, you need to start thinking differently than others.
  • I will provide many practical network design scenarios to help you pass the Cisco CCDE exam on your first attempt.
  • I will give you many complementary study resources because if you are a research learner, additional resources help you to put the pieces together.
  • I will provide lifetime free access to all my online design videos, books, and other resources so you will continue learning network design after the course.
  • I will introduce you to other network designers in the class so you will have design discussions together before, during, and after the class.

What is the target audience?

  • Those who would like to pass Cisco CCDE Practical and Written exams.
  • Network Engineers, Designers, and Solution Architects who would like to learn more about Provider, Enterprise, Datacenter, and Mobile Operator real-life network design.
  • CCIE R&S and CCIE SP certificate candidates benefit considerably from the course.


  • You should be familiar with the technologies in the Course Outline. You don’t need a CCIE certificate to attend the boot camp. When you register, Orhan will guide you on the resources you should study until the boot camp.

Live interaction with the Instructor, In-Person Class Based Onsite training, and Online Webex Based. Corporates can choose this training to be their location, and training can be modified as per customer network infrastructure and evolving technology discussions. 

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About instructor

Orhan Ergun
CCIE/CCDE Trainer, Author of Many Networking Books, Network Design Advisor, and Cisco Champion 2019/2020/2021

He created OrhanErgun.Net 10 years ago and has been serving the IT industry with his renowned and awarded training. Wrote many books, mostly on Network Design, joined many IETF RFC...

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  • 71:39:34 Hours On demand videos
  • 219 Lessons
  • Start Date5 Hrs 20 Min
  • Live Webex Based Training
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