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Thu, 16-Mar-2023
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19:15:45 Hours
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  • Basic IP and security knowledge is nice to have
  • Students need to understand basic networking
  • Students needs to understand Networking Fundamentals
  • Learn the Basic Functions of an F5 Load Balancer
  • Understand the F5 Terminologies for the real world
  • Provide you the confidence to navigate the F5 LTM
  • Learn to create an F5 load balancer cluster for High Availability
  • Deployment and Configuration Virtual servers
  • Deployment and Configuration Profiles, Pools, Nodes & other Components
  • Setup and Administer F5 BIG IP Appliance
  • Achieve Certified F5 BIG-IP Administrator Certification Exam 201
  • Learn how to setup and install a Virtual F5 Lab
  • Learn the Basics of Nodes, Pools, and Virtual Servers
  • Configure NAT, SNAT, SNAT pool and AutoMap
  • Learn Monitor, Different Type of Monitor