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Congratulations to Roy Lexmond on Passing CCDE Practical Exam!

I am very glad to announce that Roy Lexmond from my April CCDE training class passed CCDE Practical exam yesterday in France.

Below is his success story and here is his earlier feedback for the class. I should say that He really likes the design and open to learn new things and very clever.

Please join me to congratulate Roy for his great achievement!

On 19th May in France (Paris) I passed CCDE practical exam. My preparation was done with the cisco learning network excelsheet, Ciscolive video’s, internetworkexpert SP&CCDE courses, Orhan Ergun CCDE Bootcamp and www.orhanergun.net. I attended the Orhan Ergun bootcamp in April-May with lots of great people which helped me prepare well. I really think that the bootcamp helped me to focus on key technologies and discuss them with other people (very important for me) and to understand how to approach the exam.

It was a challenge and took me 2 years, my satisfaction is extreme! and learned alot during those 2 years and still learning. My next goal will be CCIE-SP wich covers some great content inline with the topics the CCDE already covered.

Roy Lexmond

Senior Network Engineer at Routz


I promise to announce much more success stories of my students for August CCDE Practical Exam. Come and join my class !

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