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CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training  v1.0

  • New CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure training will prepare you for the new solutions of enterprise networks in today’s networking era.
  • This Training is more oriented on the basis of new and latest solutions instead of the legacy network technologies. 
  • Config files/Labs, Workbooks, Software Images, Session Videos and Design Comparison Charts are all included 
  • Students are placed in our CCIE Enterprise Study Group! Orhan Ergun leads this group
  • Direct mentorship by Orhan Ergun 
Why CCIE Enterprise Training from Orhan Ergun


There are unique reasons why you should get this training from Orhan Ergun

  • 30% of the exam is design and Orhan Ergun has been teaching network design since many years and 100+ people passed even CCDE Practical exam with him
  • Complete path by attending CCIE SP and CCDE with the world best instructor according to thousands of people who you can check on Internet
  • In CCIE Enterprise training ,we will help to demonstrate over 100 Labs to the students for better understanding the technologies and the passing the CCIE Enterprise exam
  • Workbooks , thousands of pages study materials , definitely will be much more than any of his competitor in the world 
  • Self Paced CCIE Enterprise Training study videos, so you can watch all the videos of the course whenever you want again and again!
 Unique Features of Orhan Ergun’s CCIE Enterprise Training
  • Study group and one to one mentorship for each student , similar to what Orhan has been doing for his CCDE students for many years
  • Investment Protection – When you want to attend any of our other trainings such as CCIE SP , CCDE, SD-WAN , BGP Zero to Hero, Segment Routing etc, you will receive extra 30% discount over the course cost

What is the target audience for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training?

  • The primary audience for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training is network engineers that need be able to use an expert-level problem-solving process that includes options analysis to support complex network technologies and topologies.
  • CCIE Enterprise Training by Orhan teaches traditional technologies as well as newest SDN – Software Defined Networking technologies. 
  • The secondary audience for CCIE Enterprise Training  is network designers that design and support complex network technologies and topologies

Prerequisites for Orhan Ergun’s CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training?

There are no formal prerequisites for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training, but you should have a thorough understanding of the exam topics before taking the exam.

CCNP Level knowledge is enough to attend to CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Training.

For More info [email protected]

Please contact with [email protected] for group or corporate trainings and any other non-technical topics.


CCIE Enterprise Training

Benefits included:

  • 10 Weekends – 2 and half months (100+ hours Live Training over Webex) 
  • CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure  Workbook and Classroom materials (Over 5000 Pages)
  • Lab Files/Configs and Software Images
  • CCIE Enterprise Training Courses Online and Onsite Type Instructor Led/ Live Online  Webex
  • Attendees will be able to receive SP Design and Segment Routing Workbooks
  • Study Group Participations with 100s of other students!
  • When you want to attend CCIE SP or CCDE Training , extra 30% discount

50% Discount 

Until Sep 25,

 This course is:

$3000 $1495

 Pay now and Join the Training any time, get the discount advantage!


Course outline

Layer 2 Protocols
VLAN Technologies
Spanning-Tree Protocol
Switch Administration


2.1a IPv6 Basics
2.1b IPv6 Addressing
2.1c IPv6 Address Assingment
2.1d IPv6 Tunneling 
2.1e IPv6 Packet Types
2.2a Adjacency
2.2b Best Path Selection
2.2c  EIGRP Load Balancing
2.2d EIGRP Optimization & Features
2.3a Adjacency
2.3b Network Types & Area Types
2.3c Path Preference
2.3d OSPF Opmization & Features
2.3e OSPF Operations
2.4a iBGP & eBGP Relationship
2.4b BGP Path Selection
2.4c BGP Path Attributes
2.4d BGP Communities
2.4e BGP Optmizations
2.4f BGP Features
Layer 3 Features
2.5a  VRF
2.5c Policy Based Routing
2.5d Biderectional Forwarding Detection
Layer 2 Multicast
3.1a IGMPv2 and IGMPv3
3.1b IGMP Snooping, PIM Snooping
3.1c IGMP  Querier
3.1d MLD
Layer 3 Multicast
3.2a Sparse Mode
3.2b RP Configurations
3.2c Bidirectional PIM
3.2d SSM
3.2e PIMv6 Anycast RP
3.2f MSDP
MPLS Basics
MPLS Operations
1.3a PE-CE Routing
1.3b MP-BGP
1.3c VPNv4 / VPNv6
1.3d VRF Route Leaking
Introduction to IPSEC Protocol
2.5a NHRP
2.5b DMVPN Phase 1
2.5c DMVPN Phase 2 (EIGRP & OSPF)
2.5d DMVPN Phase 3 (EIGRP & OSPF)
2.5e DMVPN Phase 3 with Dual Hub
2.5f Troubleshooting DMVPN
2.6a Introduction to IKEv2
2.6b IKEv2 Configuration with Pre-Shared Key
Flex VPN
2.7a introduction to Flex VPN
2.7b Flex VPN Configuration
2.7c MPLS Over Flex VPN
Device Security on Cisco IOS
Control Plane Policing 
Switch Security
Router Security
IPv6 Security
IEEE 802.1x Port Based Authentication
Quality of Service
Layer 3 QoS using MQC
2.1a CoS and DSCP Mapping
2.1b Classification
2.1c Marking
2.1d NBAR
2.1e Policing & Shaping
2.1f Congestion Management and Avoidance
Network Services
First Hop Redundancy Protocol 
3.1a HSRP
3.1b GLBP
3.1c VRRP
3.1d IPv6 Redundancy
DHCP on Cisco IOS
3.3a DHCP Options
3.3b SLAAC/DHCPv6 
3.3c Stateful, Stateless DHCPv6
IPv4 Network Address Translation
3.4a Static NAT/PAT
3.4b Dynamic NAT
3.4c Policy Based NAT
3.4d VRF-Aware NAT
Traffic Capture
IOS-XE Troubleshooting
Cisco SD-Access
Design a Cisco SD-Access
1.1a Introduction to Campus Network Fabric
1.1b Underlay and Overlay Network
1.1c Fabric Domains
Cisco SD-Access Deployment
1.2a Cisco DNA Center device discovery
1.2b Cisco DNA Center device management
1.2c Host Onboarding (Wired endpoint only)
1.2d Fabric Border Handoff
1.3a Macro-level Segmentation using VNs
1.3b Introduction to Cisco ISE for SD-Access
1.3c Cisco DNA Center and ISE Integration
1.3d Micro-level Segmentation using Cisco ISE
1.4a Network and Client Health 360
1.4b Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Cisco SD-WAN
Design a Cisco SD-WAN
2.1a Introduction to Cisco SD-WAN Solutions
2.2b Control Plane 
2.2c Management Plane
2.2d Orchestration Plane
2.2e Data Plane
WAN Edge Deployment 
2.2a Onbording New Edge Router
2.2b Orchestration with zero-touch provisioning 
2.2c Plug-and-Play
2.2d OMP
2.2e TLOC
Configuration Templates
Localized Policies
Centralized Policies
Lab-1: Switch Administration
Lab-2: Spanning-Tree Protocol
Lab-3: EtherChannel
Lab-4: IPv6 Addressing
Lab-5: IPv6 Tunneling
Lab-6: Named EIGRP Configuration
Lab-7: EIGRP Load Balancing
Lab-8: EIGRP Optmization and Summarization
Lab-9: EIGRPv6 Configuration
Lab-10: OSPF Configuration Lab
Lab-11: OSPF Area Types Lab
Lab-12: OSPF Optmization, Features and Summarization
Lab-13: OSPFv3 Configuration
Lab-14:  iBGP and eBGP Peering
Lab-15: Weight and Local Prefrence Attribute
Lab16: AS-Path and Origin Code Attribute
Lab-17: MED Attribute
Lab-18: BGP Route Filtering, Conditional Advertisement
Lab-19: Standard and Extended Community
Lab-20: Local-AS, Allowas-in, remove-private-as
Lab-21: BGP Prefix Aggregation
Lab-22: VRF, VRF-Lite Configuration
Lab-23: BFD and Policy Based Routing
Lab-24: IGMP Snooping & PIM Snooping Configuration
Lab-25: MLD Configuration
Lab-26: RP Confiugration (Static, Auto-RP & BSR)
Lab-27: MSDP Configuration
Lab-27: SSM Configuration
Lab-28 PIMv6 Anycast RP
Lab-30: MPLS L3 VPN Configuration
Lab-31: MPLS L3 VPN with BGP RR and Allowas-in/Asoveride
Lab-32: MPLS L3 VPN using VPNv6 Address Family
Lab-33: MPLS L3 VPN with Extranet (VRF Route Leaking)
Lab-34: GRE VPN
Lab-35: GRE Over IPSEC
Lab-36 MGRE Over IPSEC
Lab-37 DMVPN Phase I
Lab-38: DMVPN Phase II and Phase III (EIGRP)
Lab-39: DMVPN Phase II and Phase III (OSPF)
Lab-40: DMVPN Phase III with Dual Hub
Lab-41: IKEv2 VPN with Pre-Shared Key
Lab-42: Flex VPN Configuration 
Lab-43: MPLS Over Flex VPN
Lab-45: Switch Security/Router Security/Control Plane Policing
Lab-46: IPv6 ACL
Lab-47: 802.1X Authentication using local database
Lab-48: QoS Configuration on Cisco Router – Marking/Classifying
Lab-49 NBAR
Lab-50 Policing & Shaping 
Lab-51: HSRP
Lab-52 VRRP
Lab-53: GLBP
Lab-54: IPv6 Redundancy
Lab-55: Stateful/Stateless DHCPv6
Lab-56: Static NAT/PAT, Dynamic NAT
Lab-57: Dynamic NAT, Policy Based NAT
Lab-58: VRF Aware NAT
Lab-59: IP SLA, Netflow, Traffic Capture
Lab-61: SDA LAN Automation with PnP
Lab-62: SDA Configuration Template
Lab-63: SDA Identity Policy with ISE
Lab-64: SDA Application Policy (Easy QoS)
Lab-65: SDA Device Admin
Lab-66: SDA Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Lab-67 SD-WAN Secure Control Plane Bring Up
Lab-68 SD-WAN Data Plane Bring Up
Lab-69: SD-WAN Overlay Management Protocol (OMP)
Lab-70: SD-WAN vManage Template
Lab-71: SD-WAN vSmart Policies
Lab-72: SD-WAN vAnalaytic 
Lab-73: Troubleshooting SD-WAN





Bootcamp Type Number of Days Location Description Status Timing
Sep 13 – Oct 8, 2021 4 Weeks, Monday-Friday  Live/Webex Max 20 People Allowed  Closed  6 PM  – 10 PM UTC+3
Oct 23- Dec 26, 2021 10 Weekends, Sat and Sun  Live/Webex  Max 20 People Allowed  Register  6 PM – 10  PM UTC+3

Sucess Stories

Michael Zsiga

I passed the #CCDE today! I used a lot of resources to be successful but I need to call out one specifically. Thanks Orhan Ergun for always being available at all hours to answer every question, to discuss every technology, and to work through my personality “issues” that I had throughout this process!! For all my friends venturing down the CCDE path Orhan is a great resource and friend to have!

Michael Zsiga
Lead Architect ePlus

Jason Gooley

Orhan’s ability to cover the vast topics required for CCDE is tremendous. He is not only very technical, he is also an amazing teacher.

Jason Gooley
System Engineer ar Cisco Systems

Daniel Lardeux

I passed the CCDE Practical exam and Orhan’s CCDE course was very important contributor to my success. I attended the CCDE course of Orhan Ergun in July and it was exactly what I needed, Orhan is taking the pain to break down the different technologies.

Daniel Lardeux
Senior Network Consultant at Post Telecom

Roy Lexmond

After I attended Orhan Ergun’s CCDE course I passed the CCDE practical exam.I really enjoyed the course a lot.

Before I signed up I didn’t know what to expect but it’s for sure a great design course and preparation for the CCDE exam. Mainly because of the interaction with Orhan who is really an expert in explaining all the different technologies and making perfect designs out of them.

Roy Lexmond
Senior Network Designer at Routz CCDE #20150017 & CCIE R&S #26557

Hashiru Aminu

I passed the most respectful Cisco exam CCDE on August 2016. I became first Nigerian CCDE and Orhan Ergun’s CCDE Bootcamp was the most important resource in my success.If you want to nail down CCDE, you need to think as a designer. You need to change your mindset and understand all the technologies in the CCDE Blueprint.Orhan’s resources cannot even comparable with the any CCDE Training provider in the industry.I would highly recommend the Orhan’s CCDE Bootcamp for anyone who want to pass CCDE exams and understand the real life network design

Hashiru Aminu
3xCCIE, CCDE #20160014 Technical Leader Services at Cisco Systems

Nicholas Russo

I signed up for Orhan’s CCDE training. This training is very technically detailed and the use-cases, quizzes, scenarios, and mind maps are all great resources in the overall training program. Orhan teaches his students to think like a network designer by applying technology to meet business requirements and design specifications.

Nicholas Russo
Network Consulting Engineer (CCDE/CCIEx2), Cisco

Anders C. Petersen

Orhan is forcing you to take off the implementation hat that most of us have been wearing for many years, instead he is providing a new fancy design hat, which makes you see and deal with the issues presented. At the beginning of this CCDE course you many times are sitting thinking ‘I could solve this issue with some fancy trick/feature’, all because you keep thinking implementation. However as the course goes on Orhan is helping you to fill your new fancy design hat with all the important information not only for designing, meeting business requirements, but also dealing with the interaction of the protocols. If you’re trying to get your head into a new hat, chasing the CCDE exam, or just wants to get on top with network design, I would go to Orhan today.
Anders C. Petersen
Network Systems Engineer at Conscia A/S CCIE #42544 (SP) & CCDE #20160015

Tahir Munir

I passed the CCDE exam on November 17,2016.Orhan’s CCDE Live class and Self Paced training course helped me a lot to pass the both CCDE Written and Practical exams.Design comparison charts and videos will help you a lot in CCDE Practical exam. The quizzes in the self paced CCDE course is excellent resource for the CCDE Written exam.If you are studying for CCDE exam or want to learn network design,I strongly recommend you to take this course.
Tahir Munir
Infrastructure Consultant at Accenture CCDE #20160031, 3XCCIE

Felix Nkansah

If you are considering studying for the coveted Cisco CCDE certification, make good use of the Cisco recommended reading list and CiscoLive videos focused on design. But your preparation won’t be complete without a touch of Midas from the master CCDE trainer Orhan Ergun. He is the most complete training provider in the industry – Books, Blogs, Videos, Bootcamps, One-to-one chat, etc.Self Paced Course is a best offline CCDE resource !

Felix Nkansah
Chief Executive Officer at Red Mango CCDE #20160036, 2XCCIE

Kim Pedersen

I’ve used Orhan’s self-paced CCDE training material. If you are interested in knowing how all the technologies go together in a coherent design i can highly recommend it.I also enjoyed the Quizzes which helped pick out my weak spots in selecting an appropriate design. So if you are serious about either learning more about the design aspects of networking or you are going for the CCDE practical, you should take a hard look at Orhan’s Self-paced Training option.

Kim Pedersen
CCIE in RS and SP (#29189) CCDE#20170021

Concepcion Diaz

The eleven days spent in Orhan bootcamp was invaluable in helping me build confidence and master my design concepts. After a long number of reading books and watch all the Cisco Live design sessions, this class was definitely the advantage I needed to take and pass my CCDE lab. Thanks Orhan for your all supports

Concepcion Diaz

Laurent Metzger

Hi Orhan. I passed the CCDE exam on February 22. I read everything that you put on your Self Paced CCDE Training course and it was very helpful in my success. Thank you very much.

Laurent Metzger
3xCCIE/CCDE Senior Network Architect

Pramod K G

Thanks Orhan for your Instructor Led CCDE Bootcamp. It was very informative for CCDE Written and Lab preparations. Personally we used to discuss designs related to production networks (ISP,DC/Enterprise) & I must say he is technically sound in Network Design. I am impressed with your technology comparision charts when it comes to selection of routing protocols, VPN technology solutions etc.
I strongly recommend Orhan Ergun’s class if you want to pass the CCDE exam and learn network design.

Pramod K G
CCDE# 2017::5/CCIE# 49662

Jaroslaw Dobkowski

I passed CCDE exam on first attempt and Orhan’s bootcamp helped me switching mind-set from an engineer to designer.

Thanks again Orhan for your Instructor Led CCDE Bootcamp.

Jaroslaw Dobkowski
CCDE# 2017::53/CCIE#22260 (RS, SP, DC)

Martin J. Duggan

I attended Orhan’s April 201610 days CCDE Bootcamp. I am CCDE now !

You can tell Orhan has a great deal of experience, it really comes through when he presents his design case studies and the CCDE Practical scenarios.

Martin J. Duggan
Network Architect at AT&T, Ciscopress Author CCDE #20160006 & CCIE#7942

Muhammad Abubakar

Your excellent CCDE materials and amazing Bootcamp helped me tremendously through my learning journey.Also thank you very much for being available whenever I have a design question or a complex design topics. I can’t compare your design skills and training with anyone in the industry.

I definitely strongly recommend you whoever wants to understand the network design in detail and wants to pass CCDE exam.

Muhammad Abubakar
Lead Network Architect – CCDE #20160016 2xCCIE #26693 2xJNCIE VCIX

Ahmad Manzoor

Orhan is the best teacher in network design, I have learned a lot from him about the CCDE and real life network design.

Ahmad Manzoor
Senior Manager at PTCL/Etisalat

Amit Temkar

I became a member of for the CCDE preparation. For CCDE exam, there are very few quality trainings available

Amit Temkar
Technical Designer at BT

Jeriel Atienza

I was super excited to the take the online class and I’m happy to say that the class was way beyond my expectations.

Jeriel Atienza
Technical Board Advisor at Mundo Startel

Avinash Gupta

Orhan’s Bootcamp is really informative; I gain lots of knowledge from him. It helps to prepare the CCDE; Also in your work environment. I recommend my friend and colleagues to join Orhan once to get the great knowledge about Network Designing

Avinash Gupta
Solution Architect at Zensar Technologies

Jigz Bagsic Jr

I was glad attending Orhan online CCDE class last year. The manner he delivers the topic and explains each of our questi

Jigz Bagsic Jr
Senior Network Engineer at Alinma Bank/Saudi Arabia

Tony Vu

Your excellent CCDE materials and amazing Bootcamp helped me tremendously through my learning journey. Thank you Orhan

Tony Vu
Technical Specialist at Optus

Haroon Aslam

I attended Orhan’s CCDE Bootcamp and it was great. He contributed immensely to our knowledge, Thanks Orhan for all your help!

Haroon Aslam
Network Consulting Engineer at Cisco Systems

Garry L. Baker

I attended Orhan’s Pre-CCDE class and it was really helpful for me. Pre-CCDE class was a good introduction to the CCDE

Garry L. Baker
Author at Packetpushers

Jennifer Pai

Thanks Orhan very much for this course. It helped strengthen my “Network design mind”.

Jennifer Pai
Network/Security Engineer at KNET Technology

Ruslan Silyayev

Training by Orhan is not a CCDE preperation training only. It will be useful for engineers which are dealing with design. You want to pass CCDE exam or learn network design, then don’t look at anywhere else!

Ruslan Silyayev
Solution Architect at R.I.S.K Company

Sameer Meher

Orhan Ergun’s CCDE course was really very good. CCDE Level Intelligence was delivered very well and with very useful case studies and the scenarios, I am thankful to Orhan for all his help!

Sameer Meher
Solutions Architect at 23 Wards/Japan

Tharak Abraham

I passed the CCDE Lab exam thanks to Orhan. Orhan’s CCDE Course is great CCDE Resource. The course is detailed with technologies, practical scenarios, real life network design examples and many other things. Orhan will guide you personally which will help you to become better network engineer and designer. I will attend all other courses which Orhan produces and teaches, that’s for sure!

Tharak Abraham
Network Architecture | Engineering | Consulting | CCDE # 2019::5

Ken Young

If anyone wants to understand network design and architecture, also pass CCDE exam , I recommend you to attend Orhan’s online courses! I am a CCDE now but learning is a journey, we will be together in your other courses too Orhan!

Ken Young
Senior Technical Architect Province of Nova Scotia, 2xCCIE #41597 | CCDE #20170047

Matt Cross

Orhan did an excellent job of filling in the gaps of knowledge that I had that took me to the finish line of the practical exam CCDE. The community of people that Orhan facilitates are both engaging and supportive of the journey to CCDE. Orhan was always quick to answer any email or chat messages that I sent him. Overall I am very happy with the time spent engaged in the material and bootcamp. Thanks Orhan!

Matt Cross
Technical Architect at Heartland – CCDE #2019::7

Dmytro Osmachka

Orhan, I came, I learned and now I got my CCDE number!

For those who prepare for the CCDE Practical exam, all what you need is some experience and Orhan’s guidance! Thanks Orhan for all your help! Dima.

Dmytro Osmachka
CCDE #2019::10

Shiling Ding

Just passed the CCDE Practical exam! I attended Orhan Ergun’s CCDE training program , used Orhan’s Instructor Led and Self-Paced CCDE training and Online CCDE Practical Scenarios during my CCDE journey. Orhan’s CCDE In Depth book is an excellent summary book about almost all topics related to CCDE. Orhan’s practical scenarios are well organized and discussions in his webex are very valuable. Orhan’s also from time to time host webex lectures on different technology topics, I find it’s another revenue to refresh and strength my understanding of different topics. Orhan’s study group is very active, different peers share their experience, discussion and insight on not only the CCDE but also different technologies.

I surely appreciate Orhan’s excellent training materials, constant guidance and demonstrated dedication to help me get CCDE. As always, life is a constant learning experience, CCDE is only one of small steps!

Shiling Ding – Sentinel Technologies – CCDE #2019::12

Shiling Ding
Sentinel Technologies – CCDE #2019::12

Abelardo Basurto

Hi everyone, I’ve just passed the CCDE Exam. My Number is CCDE 2018::6 I attended to Online CCDE Bootcamp of Orhan. I want to thank Orhan not only for the great book and bootcamp, but also for his commitment, availability and willingness to assist the CCDE community on our journey -at any time. The Online Bootcamp of Orhan was the cherry on the cake after finishing the book. For any one working on the CCDE, I highly encourage you to use his book and bootcamp

Abelardo Basurto
Solutions Architect at Cisco Systems – CCDE 2018::6

Hady Mohamed Abdellah

Hi guys, I’m so happy that I passed the exam. I’ve already got my number CCDE 2018::1. Thanks to Orhan for being the best CCDE instructor in the world. I highly recomend Orhan’s CCDE Training and In-Depth-CCDE book. Anyone who would like to learn network design or have the CCDE certificate should join his training. He is really great mashallah, he’s done many things for me. Thanks Orhan!

Hady Mohamed Abdellah
Network Architect Hamad International Airport Qatar – CCDE 2018::1

Bryan Bartik

Hi Orhan I passed CCDE Practical exam on November 2017 ! I really enjoyed your materials and quizzes and use cases. They were definitely helpful in my preparation. Thanks a lot !

Bryan Bartik
Sr. Systems Engineer at CompuNet – CCDE 20170059

Giedrius Trapkauskas

I attended Orhan’s CCDE Training in Istanbul and it was very helpful in my preparation. I passed the exam recently and I want to say Thank you Orhan! For those who want to pass the CCDE exam, definitely start with Orhan!

Giedrius Trapkauskas
Network Solutions Architect at Liberty Global – CCDE 20180004

Alaa Issa

I registered to Orhan’s training in Feb 2017. From that time, I attended Orhan’s training several times. The depth of knowledge which Orhan has is amazing, and how to present such consistent knowledge to the trainees was indeed appealing.
Furthermore, Orhan is not only trainer, he was real mentor to me, He showed me the concept that “Where I’m now, and where I should go”, this is indeed the true leadership !

Alaa Issa
Sr.Solutions Architect – CCDE#20180033 3xCCIE ( Collab|DC|Security )#27146

Jeff Patterson

Hi Orhan

I wanted to pass along my appreciation for the outstanding training material. I used the online CCDE training provided by Orhan as well as the In-Depth-CCDE book and passed the exam in February 2018.

Thank you Orhan!

Jeff Patterson
CCDE# 2018::11

Mazin Ahsan

I passed the CCDE Practical Lab exam on November 17,2016 from supplications of elders and dedication from my Sensei Mr. Orhan Ergun I took different CCDE bootcamps in the past. Orhan has the most depth and expertise. You can discuss with him at an expert level on different technologies and he is focused. Both the bootcamp and his book helped me a lot in achieving the design skills to nail this beast. I would recommend taking his CCDE training to pass CCDE exam and learn the network design

Mazin Ahsan
Design Lead Engineer | Solutions Engineer | CCDE License # 20160030 | CCIE Licence # 23892

Mehdi Sfar

I signed up for Orhan’s CCDE Self paced Course. This course, along with the CCDE In Depth book, helped me for my CCDE Practical as well as Written exams. It pushed me to ask the “WHY” questions and allowed me to grow as a network architect. The use cases, quizz, and compare charts are all great.



Mehdi Sfar
Network and Security Architect / CCDE #20210003 | CCIE R&S #51583