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CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

The most Updated CCIE Enterprise v1.1 Course that comes with the most study materials in the world taught by world-famous Network Design Instructor Orhan Ergun

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  • Last updated Mon, 10-Jun-2024
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Overview of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

Hundreds of Network Engineers have passed the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab exam with this course. 

This CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure course covers all you need to pass the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure lab exam.

If you have CCNA-level knowledge, you can start CCIE certification training with our program because this course is around 120 hours, starts from the CCNA level, and goes into very advanced topics.

This training will not only explain traditional technologies that cover enterprise networks and the new Cisco SD-WAN Solution, SDA, and Network Automation and Programmability topics but also will cover the topics that are out of the scope of the exam, such as Layer 2 VPNs, EVPN, Segment Routing, IS-IS Routing Protocols, basically almost all routing and switching topics. Design is very critical for the exam of this course.

The main advantage of this course is it comes with so many lab demonstrations for you to understand each topic without memorizing the command syntax. All the labs will be shared with you when you take the course. 

Unlike the old version, the CCIE Routing and Switching certification, the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Exam of this course comes with 40% of the exam as a Design module, which is 3 hours scenario-based (Similar to the CCDE Exam).

With more than ten years of CCDE training experience, world-famous Network designer Orhan Ergun will also teach all the technologies from a design perspective in this course. You will be well prepared for the CCIE Enterprise exam topics and learn real-life network deployment solutions, tips, and tricks from real Network Architects.

Although this is a self-paced course, all students are placed in the same study group as the other CCIE Enterprise Training students, and Orhan Ergun leads this group.

If you are looking for Instructor interaction, we recommend you check our Instructor-Led Cisco CCIE Enterprise Certification Bootcamp. If you attend that, this course is free.


  • 120+ hours of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Course Videos

  • Config files/Labs (EVE-NG Both Community and Pro Versions)

  • Software images

  • CCIE Enterprise Workbook

  • Network Design Charts

  • Networking MindMaps

  • CCIE Quizzes are all free with this course.

Also, although this CCIE course is targeted at self-learning, Orhan Ergun and his other instructors will help you in a study group!

Why CCIE Enterprise Training from Orhan Ergun

You will have a better idea why you should take Cisco's Expert trainings from Orhan Ergun. 

There are unique reasons why you should get this from Orhan Ergun

  • This is the most complete CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 training; many training vendors don't cover Network Automation, Programmability, or the basic Python knowledge you can find anywhere! The automation and Programmability part of this course covers every topic of the Cisco CCIE Enterprise exam.

  • 40% of the exam is in network design, and Orhan Ergun has taught network design for many years. 200+ people passed even the CCDE Practical exam with him, and hundreds of people passed the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam with our  Course and Bootcamp. 

  • In this training, we will demonstrate over 150 individuals and multiple mock labs combining many technologies to understand the technologies better and pass the exam.

  • Study group and one-to-one mentorship for each student, similar to what Orhan has been doing for his Cisco CCDE students for many years

  • Workbooks and thousands of pages of study materials will definitely cost much more than any of his competitors in the world.

  • Investment Protection – If you would like to attend the Instructor-Led version of this course, the cost that you pay for this course is deducted from the Instructor-Led Training cost

  • To have this Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification by receiving training from this highly competent person

What is the target audience?

  • The primary audience for this course is network engineers who want to pass the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Exam and understand real-life deployment and troubleshooting for all technologies in the exam. 

  • The secondary audience is network designers who design and support complex network technologies and topologies.

What will I gain from this course?

  • Having Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure training certification

  • Learning about core enterprise infrastructure technologies

  • Adapt to complex enterprise infrastructure solutions

  • Have experience in technologies and solutions in general

  • Excellent understanding of today's enterprise networking infrastructure.


  • To have more information about complex enterprise networks, the entire network lifecycle, and border gateway protocol

  • Have a specialist certification

  • Acquire new perspectives on technologies and solutions

  • Have enough knowledge to pass a qualifying exam

  • Study with dozens of hands-on lab exam questions

  • You will also prepare for the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Written/Qualification exam.


Requirements for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

About instructor

Orhan Ergun
CCIE/CCDE Trainer, Author of Many Networking Books, Network Design Advisor, and Cisco Champion 2019/2020/2021

He created OrhanErgun.Net 10 years ago and has been serving the IT industry with his renowned and awarded training. Wrote many books, mostly on Network Design, joined many IETF RFC...

Navid Yahyapour
Instructor at Orhan Ergun, LLC Network Consultancy and Training

Instructor at Orhan Ergun, LLC Network Consultancy and TrainingSpecialized in Routing, Switching, Enterprise and Service Provider Certification Trainings. 

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  • Total Time119:27:50 Hours
  • 120+ hours of CCIE Enterprise Videos
  • 3000+ Pages of Study Resources
  • 150+ Hands-on Labs
  • CCIE Enterprise Workbook
  • EVE-NG Lab Files
  • Lab Software Images
  • Quiz Questions
  • Network Design Comparison Charts
  • Study Group Participation
  • Access the Content Anywhere, Anytime
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