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Cisco CCNP Enterprise v1.1 Bundle Training (Encor + Enarsi)

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  • Last updated Fri, 08-Mar-2024
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  • Certified Course

Overview of Cisco CCNP Enterprise v1.1 Bundle Training (Encor + Enarsi)

CCNP Enterprise v1.1 Training and Certification Course The CCNP Enterprise Complete Bundle (ENCOR +ENARSI) meets all the requirements of Cisco Systems to achieve the Cisco CCNP Enterprise certificate by obtaining the following:

  • Mandatory Core Exam: ENCOR 350-401
  • And a Professional Concentration Exam: ENARSI 300-410

You can find the modules categorized per exam so that you can start your journey with the exam you are targeting correctly; these courses do meet a minimum level of knowledge of CCNP Enterprise official exam blueprints based, and still give a little bit more knowledge and skills over these blueprints,

We will also make sure to fill any gap that you might have if you were coming from a CCNA or if you were targeting the CCIE Enterprise later after this bundle,

Both of these courses include: – High Quality and Professional CCNP Course Videos – CCNP Course Slides – High Quality and Professional CCNP Workbooks that will guide you step by step to implement any professional technology considered in this CCNP Enterprise Certification – LAB Files for the workbooks –

Life Time Access to the CCNP Enterprise bundle content forever, no extra purchases in the future, no matter how much new additional content will be added to the CCNP course materials

This video course comes together with the CCNP Enterprise labs, CCNP workbook, CCNP session slides, and network design comparison charts.

Students are placed in a study group with the Instructors, so they collaborate whenever needed! The theory videos and a significant percentage of this course are dedicated to Labs and practice.

Students will get the config files/labs from us and the CCNP workbook for their CCNP training. With the workbooks and config files, you can practice the entire content on your device.

What is the target audience?

  • Students who would like to understand professional-level topics
  • Those who operate networks with Cisco equipment in medium-scale networks


Requirements for Cisco CCNP Enterprise v1.1 Bundle Training (Encor + Enarsi)

About instructor

Sajjad Ghaffoori

Senior Network Instructor, Certified as CCNP-ENT, CCDevA, JNCIP-ENT||DCSpecialized in Enterprise Networking, Routing, and Automation

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  • Total Time77:34:52 Hours
  • Study Group Participation
  • Acces the Content Anywhere, Anytime
  • Certificate of Completion - Signed by Orhan Ergun
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