Network Convergence Training

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Created by Orhan Ergun
Last updated Thu, 16-Mar-2023
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Overview of Network Convergence Training

This Network Convergence Course starts with Network Convergence Fundamentals. It covers the first part, theory, and best practices.

What is the target audience?

    • Network Engineers, Designers, Solution Architects
    • This workshop will be helpful for many exam certifications such as CCNA , CCNP, CCIE , CCDP, and CCDE.

Topics Covered in Network Convergence Training

  • This course is mostly theory and design based but there is some lab demonstration for some protocols such as BGP Fast Reroute etc. as well
  • The course contains detailed information about Network Convergence Basic and Advanced Concepts.
  • This is not only a video course but also provides a detailed comparison between Fast Convergence and Fast Reroute, also between the Fast Reroute technologies

Requirements for Network Convergence Training

  • Willing to Learn


12 Lessons 04:36:21 Hours
Network Convergence Fundamentals
3 Lessons 01:24:04 Hours
  • Network Convergence Training Part 1 - Convergence and Fast Convergence Basics (Sample Video)
    Preview 00:29:13
  • Network Convergence Training Part 2 - Trade-offs in Fast Reroute - Failure Detection in Different OSI Layers
  • Network Convergence Training Part 3 - BFD - Bidirectional Forwarding Detection Details
  • Network Convergence Training Part 4 - Introduction to Fast Reroute and LFA - Loop Free Alternate
    Preview 00:30:56
  • Network Convergence Training Part 5 - Remote LFA , P , Q, Extended P , PQ Node
  • Network Convergence Training Part 6 - TI-LFA - Topology Independent Loop Free Alternate with Segment Routing
  • Network Convergence Training Part 7 - Introduction to RSVP Protocol and Traffic Engineering with RSVP
  • Network Convergence Training Part 8 - RSVP Link Protection, Node Protection, PLR, MP and Facility Backup Concepts
  • BGP Convergence and ASn allocation design in Large Scale Networks
  • Network Convergence Discussion with Jeff Tantsura - Fast Reroute and Fast Rehashing in HyperScale Datacenters
  • Fast Convergence and Network Stability Considerations in Service Provider Network with Mohamed Radwan
  • IS-IS is Faster than OSPF with Jeff Tantsura
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Orhan Ergun

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