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Created by Navid Yahyapour
Last updated Wed, 07-Sep-2022
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Course overview

Versa Secure SD-WAN solution is one of the featured rich solutions in the market, it is the only true Multi-Tenant SASE architecture in the world.

Nowadays organizations are more involved with applications and especially cloud-based applications and infrastructures (SaaS and IaaS), so the quality of experience is getting more important day by day.

Reducing the deployment time, and complexity, having better control to the WAN, Application-based Traffic steering, and even considering SLA in the forwarding decisions are the important drivers to deploy SD-WAN solutions instead of Traditional WAN technologies.

In addition to that, having Secure Control and Data planes is one of the important key features. It even provides Next-Generation Firewall features on a single box on top of having a Versatile Network Operating system as a great edge router.

In this course we will go through the theory and design of Versa Networks SD-WAN solution, then we will do a step-by-step deployment of the most important features of the solution.

We will help you to understand the technology from scratch and deploy it in the virtual environment for testing, learning, and proof of concept, then we will make sure you will be able to deploy it in the production network.

The lab topology is well designed to simulate real-world challenges.

The instructor is explaining the technologies while he is configuring the lab (for every single part, which means this course is totally practical and also covers theory in a great way)

 As usual, Orhan Ergun offers you the best course! 

What will i learn?

  • Deploying the MGMT and Control Network
  • Getting the Control devices ready from scratch (vDirector, vAnalytics and vController)
  • Walkthrough the Web GUI as well as the CLI of the devices
  • Staging (on-boarding) the branch (edge) devices
  • Comparison between Versa Network SD-WAN and Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) solution during the training
  • Configuring the Transport side PE-CE dynamic routing protocols to get connected to the MPLS network (OSPF and BGP)
  • Dynamic Routing Protocol configuration in the LAN side and the interaction with Overlay Network (Two-way redistribution between LAN OSPF and Overlay)
  • Control Plane examination (going through MP-BGP and different NLRIs being used as well as Different Routing instances to build the Overlay segment as well as Control network)
  • Application Awareness and SLA Based Application Steering policies
  • All in One Application Steering Templates and applying them to multiple devices
  • VRRP on the Branch devices and Tracking considerations
  • Direct Internet Access, Split Tunnel configuration on branch devices (CGNAT Config)
  • Going through Monitoring (Both in GUI and CLI) and Analytics section
  • Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) on versa networks SD-WAN branch devices


  • Familiarity with Basics of the routing protocols


21 Lessons 05:33:42 Hours
Versa SD-WAN Course Introduction
1 Lessons 00:08:55 Hours
  • Versa SD-WAN Course Introduction
    Preview 00:08:55
  • Versa SD-WAN Theory and Design - Part 1
  • Versa SD-WAN Theory and Design - Part 2
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - Overview
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - Getting Control Nodes ready - Part 1
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - Getting Control Nodes ready - Part 2
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - Getting Control Nodes ready - Part 3
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - Staging (Onboarding) the Branch devices - Part 1
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - Staging (Onboarding) the Branch devices - Part 2
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - Branch device PE-CE protocol configuration (OSPF and BGP)
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - OSPF Configuration on LAN side
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - Configuring VRRP
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - Configuring DHCP Server
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - Control Plane Examination - Part 1
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - Control Plane Examination - Part 2
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - Redistribution between LAN (OSPF) and Overlay Network
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - DIA (Direct Internet Access)
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - SLA Based Application Traffic Steering
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - Application Steering Template
  • Versa SD-WAN Lab - Next-Generation Firewall Configuration
  • Versa Course Practice Labs
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  • Mr A
    Wonderful and excellent demonstration given for the Versa. I love it. Many Thank you Sir. We love you.
  • Haziq haziq.abbas
    so far so good , let's see
  • Ide Akinindo

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