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Publication name : OSPF Design E-Book

Published date : Tue, 25-Apr-2023

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Book specification and summary


In this E-Book below topics will be covered. All these topics are explained in the OSPF Design course in video format. 

OSPF Theory

OSPF Fast Convergence
Convergence and Micro-loop
OSPF Scalability, Multi Area OSPF Design
Fast Reroute with OSPF
Overlay Technologies and OSPF (GRE, mGRE,IPSEC, DMVPN, LISP) • OSPF in the Datacenter Networks

OSPF in the Service Provider Networks

OSPF Design Best Practices

OSPF Advantages and Disadvantages

OSPF Frequently Asked Questions – How many Routers in an OSPF Area, How many ABR per Area?

Case Studies


Title OSPF E-Book
Author Orhan Ergun
Publisher OSPF Design E-Book
Edition v1.0
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