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Fast Convergence and Network Stability Considerations in Service Provider Network

Service Provider Network design and deployment is one of the most mysterious parts of Networking. Usually we don’t see real life SP network design and deployment discussions.

Fast Convergence and Network Stability is required in the Service Provider Networks. Specifically it is more important in the Core/Backbone Networks, compared to other places such as Aggregation or Access Networks.

I discussed these topics with Mohamed Radwan, along with many other important considerations in the Service Provider Networks. At the end of the post, you will see the recording of our discussion. If you find this video useful, let me know in the comment section!


Below are some of the discussion topics during the session:


1. BFD and Layer 1 Failure Detection Mechanisms

2. Prefix Prioritization

3. IGP – BGP Sync

4.IGP – LDP Synch

5. LDP Session Protection

6. LSP Throttling Timers

7. Link, Node, SRLG Failure Cases and Convergence Steps

8. Next Hop Tracking and BGP Scanner

9. IBGP Minimum Route Advertisement Interval

10. EBGP Fast External Fallover



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