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Keeping the Cisco CCDE Exam Secure!

Safe Article

CCDE Exam Security – One of the most important thing about CCDE exam is security. We all think that it is secure, it is not cheatable. There is no CCDE dump. We all believe that. CCDE exam has been around for more than 10 years and there are still only less than 500 people in the world. It seems what we think about exam security is correct.


But, keeping CCDE exam as secure is important and not hard. There are thousands of paper CCIEs around and we all know that. Nobody admit but people get CCIE number so easily. Of course there are many people also work hard, study hard and have it as well.


In the below video, I share my ideas on CCDE exam security. How Cisco can keep it secure. Hope they read this post as well and take it seriously. There are many rumors, students and existing CCDEs are telling me that some companies are selling CCDE practical labs publicly. I am not sure if this is true but please know that these companies tried to sell my book as Practical Lab scenarios to many people.


Again, these companies tried to sell the documents as Practical scenarios and told people that I verified the answers. They used my name all the time. That’s okay, my followers know that they can talk and ask me anything directly. They asked whether that is true and of course didn’t buy anything from those.


They always change their tactics, but who knows if somehow they have stolen the questions, there is only one way to stop these cheaters and keep the CCDE exam as secure : Add new scenarios. Change the existing scenarios at least.


You can watch the video from the below link and please share and comment this post on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter everywhere) so maybe Cisco can take an action and we don’t see many paper CCDEs soon ! This message for not only the candidates or those who consider to have CCDE but also for existing CCDEs as well.

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