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Most common IOT Routing Protocol RPL- Orhan Ergun and Pascal Thubert inventor of the protocol

Most common IOT Routing Protocol RPL- Orhan Ergun and Pascal Thubert inventor of the protocol!

I discussed RPL - Routing over Low Power Lossy Networks, which is common IOT Routing Protocol with the inventor of the Protocol in detail. If you are a network engineer, you shouldn't only focus on traditional, general purpose routing protocols such as OSPF , IS-IS and BGP. I am usually calling them general purpose, because, you can use them on WAN, LAN and DC environment. In fact we started to see all of them in the Datacenter Networks.

There is even guidance of using EBGP in Massively Scale Datacenter in RFC 7938.   But, if environment is constraint/limited to some attributes, then traditional routing protocols are not sufficient. For example, if you need to avoid battery powered links in the network, complex Traffic Engineering methods (RSVP-TE, SR-TE) need to be used together with traditional routing protocols.   RPL is one of those routing protocols which work very well on constrained environment. If you are interested in routing protocols, BELOW video is must to watch!  

Some of the discussion points in this video:  

1. What is RPL, why we need it,?

2. DAG and DODAG formation?

3. RPL is a distance vector protocol., it considers the energy control as an attribute, Cisco’s EIGRP protocol is distance vector as well, why we don’t use EIGRP instead of RPL? Just because EIGRP is Cisco preparatory?

4. BGP is used for almost every service (L2, L3, Unicast , Multicast, VPNs. Security and so on) Could BGP is used in the environments where RPL is used?

5. What are the other protocols in the network we have to use to have RPL? (Is 6lowpan mandatory for RPL)?

6. What are the use cases for it in real world applications? Smart Grid , Connected vehicles ?

7. Which vendors have an implementation for it?

8. What are the competitor/alternative protocol for it?

9. Are there so many networks in the world using it? 10.Can it be used at any other place than IOT networks?


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