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OSPF Routing Protocol Network Engineer Interview Questions!

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OSPF is the most common network engineer interview topics without any doubt. Almost all network engineers faced with some OSPF questions in their interview. Thus I thought it is important to cover common questions and the answer with the blog post.


From OSPF LSAs to OSPF Areas, by having Multi Area Hierarchical OSPF for stability, OSPF security and OSPF Fast Convergence, I prepared many questions and explaining them in detail in the below video.


There are many questions in the video and if you liked the video, subscribe to Orhan Ergun YouTube Channel and share your thoughts in the comment section.


Note: OSPF Interview Questions in this video from basics to advanced level and studying this 65 minutes video will enhance your OSPF knowledge definitely!


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Frequently Asked Questions About OSPF Routing Protocol Network Engineer Interview Questions!

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