Tech Field Day in Barcelona

I was in Barcelona last week, there was a Cisco Live as you might know. During the Cisco Live unfortunately I couldn’t meet with people as I was invited them by Tech Field Day and recorded many great sessions together.

Cisco announced ACI in Cloud and there was presentations about it. If you don’t know the format of Tech Field Day, companies present their most recent innovations , technologies and group of experts ask the questions , share their comments during the presentations.

Sessions are streamed live and recordings are shared on Tech Field Day youtube channel.

Network verification, assurance and intent based networking is a hot topic in the industry and during TFDx (Tech Field Day Extra), Forward Networks presented their solution.

In the verification area, there are couple serious vendors; IP Fabric and Forward Networks are two of them and I closely follow their latest enhancements.

I have been supporting IP Fabric for some time and many times I shared my thoughts on social media (Mostly I use Linkedin) about them. If you are operating a network,  especially medium or large scale networks, in order to reduce manual tasks , bring automation to your operation , reduce troubleshooting time , remove single point of failure from your network in a dynamic manner and many other important operational capability, visit their website.

I visited their booth at Barcelona Cisco Live 2019,  and saw that many people were interested their solution.

Cisco , Forward Networks and AVI Networks were the presenters in TFD 2019 at Barcelona and I enjoyed their presentations mostly, when there is no boring marketing slides. I recommend you to check Tech Field Day Youtube channel to watch the presentations.

It was not only presentations I liked,  but , as a city Barcelona was great too.

Very clean and wide roads , respectful people , easy communication (okay not maybe with taxi drivers) were just couple good things I can tell you about Barcelona. I tried to eat Duck at dinner , and it was not a good experience though.

Everyday we got the taxi from the Hotel to the convention center.

If you don’t know who are in the picture. Left to Right , Tom Hollingsworth , Orhan Ergun , Ivan Papeljnak. My taxi friends, usual suspects at Barcelona. Tom is a great guy, delivering Tech Field Day , Ivan is writing articles on and joining conferences , public speaking and author. I had a good times with them overall and looking forward for the next events.

There was many other nice guys, expert in their fields (Virtualization , Security etc.) who were the delegate same as me,  they are in the below picture.

Last but not least, I will share my thoughts and some technical information for their products and the recent announcements of the companies which were in the TFDx 2019. Cisco , Forward Networks and AVI Networks.

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