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What is Urban and Rural area in networking ?

What is urban and rural area ? What is underserved area in networking ? These definitions are heavily used in networking. And all broadband network designers take always these definitions into an account while they do their design.

I think knowing these definitions as a network engineer is valuable for you. In general, a rural area or countryside is a geographic area that is located outside towns and cities Whatever is not urban is considered rural area though some people uses less populate than urban but more populated than rural area as suburban area Typical urban areas have a high population and large settlements Typical rural areas have a low population density and small settlements Underserved areas where there is no good network coverage (Broadband , Voice or any other data types)

Unserved areas where there is no network coverage at all For example,if mobile operator will place a cell sites in an urban area, since the population density will be too high, they consider to place more cell sites than if they place those cell sites in a rural area.

 FTTx planers consider to change their ODN (Optical Distribution Network) design entirely depends on they are doing FTTx deployment in urban or rural areas. In general, having a fiber access to rural areas is considered as not a good idea economically, thus in rural areas either mobile broadband or WISPs (Wireless Internet Service Provider) with unlicensed spectrum serve.

This is one of the topics under ‘ Service Providers Physical Connections and Locations ‘ module of Service Provider Design Workshop. Join this workshop to learn the concepts which are not thought in any other trainings.

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