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Will CCDE Practical Exam (Lab) Change in 2020?

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Will CCDE Exam (Lab) change in 2020. I have been receiving this question again and again after Cisco’s announcement on Cisco certification exam changes.

Short answer is NO.

Little bit long answer is, it will not change in February 2020 and in fact it has been the only design certification since many years. (Cisco I should say, I am not sure if other vendors have similar certification track, please write in the comment section if you know)

Cisco will add by February 2020, design section to existing CCIE certification though. This shows the importance of the design in networking and I have been talking and writing about the importance of design knowledge for the CCIE engineers. Probably someone heard my voice finally.Anyway, CCDE stays as pure design certification and we will see more design questions in CCIE certifications as well after Feb 2020. This is a right move by Cisco, keep the value of your high level certification!

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