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Cisco CCDE v3 Training

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CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

117:12:56 Hours
287 Lectures


Cisco CCIE Service Provider Training

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CCDE Real Labs/Scenarios

CCDE Real Lab Scenarios - I think it is time to write otherwise people will loose their money for nothing. Today I got a whatsapp message from someone who says ‘ I can't join your Onsite CCDE training, is there a way to buy REAL scenarios Online ‘. I didn't understand initially. I thought someone is asking whether I sell real CCDE scenarios.

Then in an hour 4-5 of my students showed me a message through Skype ( my study group is on Skype ).In the message it says ‘ I am going to conduct an Onsite bootcamp , I will teach real CCDE scenarios , it will be most successful bootcamp, challenge to all my competitors and so on ‘. We laughed ? But situation was really serious and I realized that I should have stopped laughing and share some information with everyone.

There are many problems with this message. First, I don't have scheduled bootcamp in Qatar and in fact I never opened a bootcamp in Qatar. Only conducted one session in Qatar University during my Online 11 days bootcamp. Second wrong thing is, talking on the real scenario is not teaching. You should say I don't know anything about design thus I can only talk if there is question and answer in front of me.

Third problem with this message , When you share with someone the real scenarios and if they pass, you don't see this as a success, students shouldn't see too. Can you tell them students ? Thats another point ! Last but not least, challenge to all my competitors. This was I laughed mostly. These guys seriously think that they are competitor. ?? What the heck is happening ? People who are in this field know that there are only two serious CCDE providers currently which mean I have only one competitor and I hear good things about him and I respect.

We have different methods of doing trainings but at the end He knows and teaches network design as well. By the way I forgot to say, important point is, these guys are using my name in their advertisement. They use my personal phone number which is accessible publicly (On almost all my social media accounts) but they give you a fake email address. Students showed me some forums and it was weird to see my name and my never scheduled training there ?

So , I will use my name and will say I will sell real scenarios. Hmmm, I am sure anymore, these guys are sick or they think people don't know me. After I got message from the students I understood what the guy who sent me a whatsapp message was trying to say. He got the email and my phone number. Email is fake and whoever is doing this probably believe that people will send an email but not verify with the phone call etc.

Probably this is true and they are selling the piece of shit (At least it will be shortly) but not after this post I believe. I started to talk about paper CCDE months before and suggested something on ‘Keeping the CCDE exam Secure‘. Unfortunately Cisco couldn't keep it secure in my opinion for Feb exam, as even the newly graduate people passed the CCDE exam as I heard. But Cisco made a statement on this and they said, They are seriously considering and following these guys. Which mean they are aware and they will take an action. I am sure good things will be on May exam and hope CCDE will continue to be the most valuable certificate.

But please be aware, I always advertise my training through my website. You can check my CCDE Training schedule from here. And I use [email protected] as business email. Don't pay anyone even 1 dollar for the real scenarios. When the scenarios change without understanding, without knowledge you will definitely fail. And scenarios will change very soon trust me.I don't share these guys name here, no need for marketing, maybe whole point of them is this. You should just know, Cisco is going to keep the exam secure and If you pay money for the scenario, you will be sorry later on.

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