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Thu, 16-Mar-2023
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22:46:48 Hours
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  • Although there will not be advanced technical level discussions, familiarity with the basic routing would be an advantage.
  • BGP Course cover BGP Theory and the best practices
  • BGP Lab Configurations
  • Explains IBGP and EBGP in detail. BGP Communities
  • BGP Traffic Engineering
  • BGP Route Reflector design options
  • BGP Confederation is explained and best practices are provided for them
  • The course contains detailed information about Network Interconnection where real network creates neighborship between them
  • Interconnection between the networks might be done through SFI, IP Transit, Paid Peering, and other special arrangements
  • This is not only a video course but also provides a detailed comparison with other protocols, a detailed comparison of BGP mechanisms such as Confederation vs. BGP Route Reflector, and so on
  • Also, you will see real-life BGP network deployment discussions with the other engineers