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  • CCSA training/certification.
  • Upgrade the GAIA Operating System from R77.x to R80.x and higher versions using the Advanced Database Migration technique
  • Upgrade the GAIA OS from R80.x to higher versions using the CPUSE
  • Understand how to apply various Jumbo hotfixes and hotfix accumulators.
  • Understand the CheckPoint Firewall Infrastructure, the Firewall Kernel, Packet Flow,Chain Modules and Check Point processes.
  • Understand automation and orchestration using the Check Point Management API.
  • Use the Management API command line tools in creating objects, security policies etc.
  • Understand Load Sharing (Active-Active) ClusterXL Deployment, VRRP and VMAC.
  • Understand Security Management Server High Availability. How synchronization (Full Sync and Delta Sync) works between the Primary and Secondary SMS.
  • Understand SecureXL, Packet Acceleration, Session Rate Acceleration, Connection Templates, Packet Flow etc.
  • Understand the workflow of the SmartEvent components i.e., the Log Server, Correlation Unit and SmartEvent Server.
  • Understand how to utilize SmartEvent in detecting, remediating and preventing security threats
  • Understand how to deploy Remote Access VPN solutions.
  • Understand how the Check Point Capsule components work
  • Understand how the Mobile Access Software Blade is utilized in ensuring secure communication and data exchange.
  • Understand Threat Prevention and how the IPS, Antibot and Antivirus Blades protect the network from serious attacks.
  • Understand how SandBlast, Threat Emulation and Threat Extraction combinedly work in preventing security incidents.