How to Successfully Bid and Maintain an IT Contract Course

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Created by James Ntui
Last updated Mon, 01-Aug-2022
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Course overview

“How to Successfully Bid and Maintain an IT Contract,” is a short, non-certification course to augment the knowledge, competencies, and capabilities of IT professionals (freelancers, startups, and owners and managers of small and medium-sized IT businesses) enabling them to win more contracts and being able to manage them more effectively.

Most IT leaders are very good technically but poor in business competencies (contracts, finances, legal, marketing, etc.)

After completing this course, you should be able to:

• Why contracts are so important to today’s business • Take advantage of the trainer’s extensive 27 years of professional experience working with contracts, contractors, business leaders, and IT professionals • Have the required competencies for successfully bidding and managing IT contracts • Know the key IT contractual terms, conditions, and special clauses • Why Contract Management Software is an essential, smart tool for your business growth • Know how to manage Contract Closure in an effective and efficient manner – something that is ignored by most.

Also, as with all our other courses, students of this course are placed in our Study Group. So, when you have any technical questions, you can ask the Instructors directly, which is one of the biggest benefits of our courses. It is not a Forum, it is a Live, Study Group with thousands of people!

What is the target audience for this course

      • --IT professionals (freelancers, startups, and owners and managers of small and medium-sized IT businesses)

What will i learn?

  • The main aim of this short course is to supply IT, professionals, with more bids, sign more contracts, manage more contracts and projects more successfully, and ensure they can get more repeat and new business opportunities in the future


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8 Lessons 01:53:12 Hours
How to Successfully Bid and Maintain IT Contract Course Introduction
1 Lessons 00:09:29 Hours
  • How to Successfully Bid and Maintain an IT Contract - Introduction
    Preview 00:09:29
  • History-Stats-Definitions
    Preview 00:15:54
  • Types of Contracts-IT Services and Contracts Specs
    Preview 00:19:27
  • Contract Management Process
  • Successfully Bidding for an IT Contract
  • Master your Customer and Master You
  • Best Way to Closeout a Contract
  • IT Contract Course Workbook
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James Ntui

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27 years of Industry Experience. PMP, ITIL, Agile and Scrum Instructor.
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